Top won't come back up


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Valley Springs, CA, USA
My wife took my 2020 SLC Final Edition to a "girls" gathering last evening. Occasionally they get together for a pot luck and a chance to all complain about whatever women complain about. She got home around 11:00 and sheepishly admitted that when she was leaving the "girls" all wanted to see my new car and she dropped the top to show it off. She somehow screwed it up and now the top won't go back up. I checked to make sure that nothing in the trunk was holding it, but I can't get it to go up either. Luckily Mercedes has a good warranty, and the dealer is a friend of mine, and knows that my wife can occasionally screw up something mechanical, especially with an evening of drinking wine is involved. It will be interesting to find out exactly what's wrong and how they corrected the problem.

Has anyone else experienced a problem getting the top to go up ?