Mercedes-Benz Launches a Special Edition SLC

Mercedes-Benz SLC News

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The Mercedes-Benz SLC-Class is a prime example of what I'm on about. In the three-pointed star's own words, here's how the cookie crumbles: "Whether with an entry-level engine, diesel drive or as a Mercedes-AMG top-of-the-line model." With this choice of words, Mercedes-Benz is referring to the availability of the RedArt Edition for all SLC models, which range from the 180 to the AMG-ified 43.

How is that special? Sure this is a loose term, but car people know what I'm on about. After all, we speak the same language and we bow to the same god. If I'm to enter my full-on nitpicker mode, the red detailing on the gills, as well as on the front and rear valance panels are plain gaudy. The interior doesn't look half bad, though.

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