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Valley Springs, CA, USA
I drive mainly on two lane twisty roads and enjoy this car more and more each time I drive it. I guess partially because of the suspension and partially because it is so low to the ground it corners like a go kart. I truly appreciate how well it tracks on curves and how comfortable it is up in the mountains. It reminds me of the Alfa Romeo I had back in the 70's when I lived in Italy. I can still remember the time shortly after I bought the Alfa (used) coming home from dinner late one evening. There was naturally some wine with dinner and drinks after dinner, so I was very "relaxed" driving home. I was on an unfamiliar road and went into a curve easily 10 - 15 MPH faster than I anticipated. As I realized how tight the curve was and how fast I was traveling I knew I was in deep trouble, but the little Alfa stuck like glue to the road and I finally understood what cornering like you were on rails really felt like.

Well my SLC feels just like that little Alfa. I'm pleasantly surprised at just how well it easily handles curves and how much confidence I've already developed in this vehicle. It truly is a luxury sportscar.

Hopefully I'm not the only one here who drives this car like it deserves to be driven.