Best Use of the SLC


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Valley Springs, CA, USA
My wife and I took our Final Edition SLC on a mini road trip last week. We felt like just getting away for a few days and thought that it would be a good time to evaluate the capability of the SLC as a road trip vehicle. We drove to Laughlin, NV (about an 8 hour drive) and took a day trip from there to Oatman AZ, and Kingman, AZ, returning to Laughlin that evening.

So it was a 3 day trip that covered 1,208 miles. Checking the multi function display shows that I averaged 32.2 MPG and my average speed for the trip was 63 MPH. Much of the trip was freeway and smooth, well paved roads that allowed me to travel around 80 MPH.

What we wound was that there was enough trunk space for two small suitcases, a 6 pack cooler and some light jackets. Enough space for our 3 day trip with a little extra space if you don't plan to lower the top.

The car was comfortable for about 3 hours, then I started noticing that there wasn't really enough room for my right leg to get comfortable. I'm 6'2" and found that my right leg just didn't have enough room, especially when using the cruise control, because there was no comfortable place for my right foot. Also the seat is pretty narrow, and while I'm not overweight, the seat was pretty tight. I finally removed my wallet from my back pocket, which helped a little. My wife (5'9") was very comfortable in the passenger seat.

Power and handling were excellent. There were a few times when I needed to accelerate quickly and the car responded nicely, although I did notice a slight turbo lag. The handling was excellent. When we went through the mountains the car cornered like a go kart, no body lean and excellent road feel.

The items that I question is when I'm using the navigation system the screen does not show me the posted speed limit. Also, I haven't been able to figure out how to increase or decrease the cruise control setting by 1 MPH increments. I'll check my owners manual and see if I just overlooked something.

Overall, at least for someone my height, I believe that the car is meant more for around town and short trips (2 - 3 hours) rather than for longer trips. I'm not being negative, just recognizing how this vehicle can best be used by me. Others may find differently.