Continental Tyres or not?


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Saxmundham, UK
My SLC43 has the factory fit Continentals but I'm afraid I'm not a great lover of them, the car is very skittish and the back end kicks out a lot on hard acceleration or the wheels spin, I have only done 5.5K on them so still good life in them, does anybody else get this?

A friend of mine has his own alloy wheel/tyre place and runs a 550bhp M5 and he swears by a cheapo tyre and uses them on his M5, Landsail, I've got them on my Evoque and they are good value for the money,and they last well, grip is good, just not sure with £45k's worth of muscle car, but his M5's not cheap and his right foot is rather heavy.
The Landsail are rated a 'W' (168mph) and the Conti's 'Y' (186mph) but seeing as we are normally limited at 155mph shouldn't be a problem.
Halfords supply them at a cost of £354 for the car, Bridgestone are next @ £492, c/w F1 technology, Conti's @ £564 & Pilots @ £894, so you could get 2 sets of Landsail's for 1 set of Pilots. Going by other feedback none of the Premium tyres seem to last more than 10K and some only 7k, so I might experiment with a set next time.

Any thoughts or comparisons?