2017 Mercedes-AMG SLC 43 Review

Mercedes-Benz SLC News

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If there's one thing for which you can give Mercedes-Benz kudos-there's a lot more than one, of course, but please bear with me-it's their ability to keep everybody's brain active by tweaking and tweaking their nomenclature, and then tweaking it some more. Is the C 63 a "Mercedes-AMG C 63" or a "Mercedes-Benz C 63 AMG" (it's the former, but you see what I mean)? What about the GLE? Is it a 4-door coupe or a more traditional 5-door wagon SUV? The model name is attached to both, after all?

Then there's the Mercedes-AMG SLC 43: While it doesn't feature an engine built by a single craftsman-the calling card of the AMG V8 and V12 models found throughout the lineup-it still falls under the "Mercedes-AMG" brand umbrella because it does use AMG-sourced parts. Its SLC 300 sibling, meanwhile, is just a "Mercedes-Benz." It's confusing, but all you really have to know is that this is the latest version of the Mercedes SLK-Class, which has been around since 1996 in the shape of a compact 2-seater roadster with a power-folding hard top.

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