Birmingham, UK
Hi there
I'm a new member about to buy (hopefully) an SLC. I've had two SLKs to date and both have had COMAND in them and I like using it. I therefore wanted to continue with this in the SLC, but so far all the SLCs I've come across for sale don't have it. I'm going by the specs provided in the sales material and I just wanted to check if I am missing something. They all seem to quote (including the car I like) variations on "Audio 20 CD including preinstallation for Garmin® MAP PILOT" in the Technology section, but never quote "COMAND".

Was COMAND available in 3/4 year old SLCs and if so, was it rarely bought and therefore hard to find in one now? What would I be missing out on if I buy one without it.

I'd really appreciate any input on the subject so I don't make a costly mistake - and I apologise in advance for my ignorance.