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    My first SLK200...2006
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    My trio of SLK
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    SLK200 brought when damaged.
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    Small dent above screen
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    Repaired then sold
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    My first SLC200 only had for 6 weeks then got me SLC43
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    My SLC43
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  12. Ray@Sax

    Mercedes SLC Forum Continental Tyres or not?

    Michelin Seems a popular choice
  13. Ray@Sax

    Mercedes SLC Forum Thailand

    Yes I’ve locked flaps open too. 440bhp great, will have to wait for warranty to expire before I attempt that though
  14. Ray@Sax

    Mercedes SLC Forum Panamericana fitted yesterday

    Took a long day and now totally aching to the bone, but worth it.
  15. Ray@Sax

    Mercedes SLC Forum Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz SLC Forum, please post an introduction

    The 300 a good drive, take a test drive and compare, the ultimate, now, is the SLC43, 2019 is 390bhp, it flies.Whichever you’ll enjoy the drive.
  16. Ray@Sax

    Mercedes SLC Forum Thailand

    Looks good, I seem to have half a Red Edition, belts, stitching, and red calipers but not the side vents or red wheel lip. What have you tuned it to? Mine is 385bhp, but that's standard for a 2019 spec car.
  17. Ray@Sax

    Mercedes SLC Forum Driving in Winter

    Good tyre tread and a light foot on the gas. I’ve had a couple of ‘moments’ in my 43, certainly gets the adrenaline going!
  18. Ray@Sax

    Mercedes SLC Forum Bit of a beast

    I know it’s an SLK but it’s worth a look
  19. Ray@Sax

    Mercedes SLC Forum New Member North Dorset UK

    Welcome from sunny Suffolk
  20. Ray@Sax

    Mercedes SLC Forum Rear heated screen and shelf

    As title I have a heated rear screen and rear parcel shelf for sale.